Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunday Naps

I like pretty much everything about Sunday's except they usually mean that Mat is going to leave the next day.  But, if the day before he left has to be I am glad it's a Sunday.  On Sunday's Mat and I like to take naps.  Mat actually prefers to sleep, once he is out a minimum of two hours is required and it's usually in everyone's best interest to let him wake up on his own.  I usually ignore those facts and take about a 30-45 minute nap on the couch with Mat and then proceed to let him know I am awake and would like to spend time with him, preferably while he is awake as well.  

Disclaimer: The above picture is just a pretend nap, if we were really napping someone else would have to take the picture and that isn't possible.  

Full beer number 2!

I like wine.  I like it a lot really.  A glass of Pinot Grigio is guaranteed to make me more relaxed, smiley, a little tired and if I haven't eaten much probably something Mat likes to call "winey", you know really smiley and really chatty and usually in a higher pitched little girl voice.    But this post is not about wine it's about beer.  I don't like beer.  It's unfortunate really.  I wish I did.  I desperately want to eat pizza and drink beer and watch basketball, but i eat pizza and what basketball while I drink wine.  

Well my friends the above picture is of the second, thats right number 2, beer that I have ever completely finished.  The number one beer was actually a Boulevard Wheat at Hugo's, I think it was Ben Rectors birthday (check out his album, Songs That Duke Wrote, I think you will  like it), I know it was after the "candle incident" between Hunter and Blake.  That was first semester senior year people!  We are talking about two years ago, that's a long time.  

My  hope is that this continues.  As you can see it was a Michelobe Ultra.  Mat felt uncomfortable purchasing that feminine a beer because he was going to get the same thing I got, he figured history would repeat itself and he would actually be drinking the beer that i picked up and didn't want to mix brews on this particular occasion.  

Now Who's Who Burgers in Highland Park Village will forever be special to me.  
This is Mat being super excited that I finished the beer, maybe a little disappointed that he didn't get his Texas Micro Brewery beer, the one with the state of Texas on the cap, don't know what it's called but I know he drank a Michelob Ultra instead - now thats love. 
This is all the proof I have that this event actually took place. Do you see anything coming out of that bottle?  No, no you don't, that sucka's empty.  

These two guys are really excited about my accomplishment.  They were outside the window playing hide and seek.  Alexandria and I told the guy who's face is not covered up by a monster mask zip up hoodie where the other one was hiding.  They thought we might like to take a picture of them so the posed. Guess they were right, there's the picture.  

Thomas and Alexandria were even more excited about my accomplishment than Mat because it means there's hope for me to be even more fun than I already am in the future.  

Keep me in your thoughts as I try to ramp up my beer consumption.  Maybe this month I will finish beer number 3.  I will keep you updated.