Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunday Naps

I like pretty much everything about Sunday's except they usually mean that Mat is going to leave the next day.  But, if the day before he left has to be I am glad it's a Sunday.  On Sunday's Mat and I like to take naps.  Mat actually prefers to sleep, once he is out a minimum of two hours is required and it's usually in everyone's best interest to let him wake up on his own.  I usually ignore those facts and take about a 30-45 minute nap on the couch with Mat and then proceed to let him know I am awake and would like to spend time with him, preferably while he is awake as well.  

Disclaimer: The above picture is just a pretend nap, if we were really napping someone else would have to take the picture and that isn't possible.  

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