Friday, September 11, 2009

Christmas Pickles!

Last December you might have seen this awesome stop motion video that my agency, Firehouse (, created around Christmas.  Thanks to the outstanding response we received form the video - 40,700-ish youtube views, embedded on a host of blogs/animation sites, featured on the top animation podcast, won both Best use of Video and Best of Show at the DWF interactive media awards - we have now been chosen to be part of a FOX-Aniboom Holiday Animation Competition.   Winning this would be extremely exciting for our agency!  

That said, if you could take a minute to vote for our video on the site that would be amazing!  To vote you need to click here and set up an account (I know that's not not always convenient but it's really really fast!) and then to vote you rank the video one out of five stars (preferable 5 stars :)) 

I really appreciate it!  

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  1. I voted! And P.S. this post was almost 2 months ago...I need a Hency update!