Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dewitt Wedding

Middle of March we made a trip to Fayetteville for Sean and Mikki's wedding.  The only picture I took of the whole experience was of Mat and I in the grocery store after the rehearsal dinner, great picture really - cut off Mat's face, in front of the soup display, I will probably have to frame this one some time - a joke of course. 

We had a great time and are so excited for the new Dewitt family.  The rehearsal dinner was at James at the Mill, perfect place!  Best part of the whole weekend was that I got to see so many friends that I hadn't seen in a long time.  for some reason, it just worked out that most of my groups of friends are also friends with Sean somehow so I got to see a whole mix of great folks. One of those being Emily Bell, I don't get to see that girl often enough and getting a huge hug and so much time just talking and hanging out makes me miss having her around, MOVE TO DALLAS BELL'S!     

The wedding was beautiful! It was at Pratt Place Barn and so was the reception, catered by none other than Noodles Italian Kitchen so you know the food was pretty fantastic.  Sean and Mikki had the same band that Mat and I had at our wedding so that was a fun flashback for us!  When the band took their break I spent most of the time dancing crazy like with one of my favorite people, Courtney Matthews, she was in my cell group the past 6 years and I love her like my sister. 

After the wedding we headed to the bar at Theos with the Areas, the Bells and the Rhode's. Good conversation and a good vodka tonic never hurt anybody.  

Our little surprise for the weekend was when Mr. Dewitt gave the room at the bed and breakfast to Mat and I for Saturday night.  The place was so pretty, every room is named after a type of tree and has a colonial feel.  It was a great place to spend Saturday night and when we got up Sunday morning we had scones & sweet bread waiting on us along with fresh coffee and fruit.  I could go for that every morning really.   

Last but not at all least, I spend all of Saturday afternoon with my good friend Bekah.  We hadn't had time just the two of us since I don't know when and it is always refreshing to spend the day with her.  We ate at Noodles, looked at furniture, and gave book recommendations at Barnes and Noble, and ended the day sharing a cookie at Panera.  It was fantastic.  We have a date to teach Bek how to use twitter.  Thats going to be a good day!

Thanks for getting married Sean and Mikki!  Sure made for a great weekend! 

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